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Guitar/Strings Samples


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  • BR Jesus Joy Of Man - Faded.mp30:47
  • BR April-Canon_FM_fade.mp31:53
  • BR La Rejoyce - Faded.mp30:32
  • BR Bridal Chours - Faded.mp30:37

  • BR All You Need Is Love -Faded.mp31:06
  • BR Thousand Years - Faded.mp31:19
  • BR Viva La Vida - Faded.mp31:11
  • BR At Last - Faded.mp31:03
  • BR Don't Stop Believing- Faded.mp31:04

The Bellarosa String Quartet was founded in 1997 with the idea of providing high caliber music for weddings and other events throughout Northern California and, specifically, the beautiful Sonoma & Napa Valleys. Music provokes emotions, patient a sense of nostalgia, ampoule and can create the perfect ambiance for special events. Whether dreaming up a fairy-tale wedding or planning the ultimate dinner party, the music of a live string quartet, trio, duo, or solo instrument adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.