We provide you with Casino Notes worth 250 in chips to distribute to your guests.  When your guest is ready to play, they simply take the Casino Note to any table and the dealer will give them chips. 

If your guests runs out of chips they may receive another Casino Note at your discretion.

Prizes are a nice added element to a entertainment casino.  Even a small prize can make play exciting.   We provide the raffle tickets and/or high tally slips and the dealers at your event will do all exchanges and/or counting. ​

​Raffle vs. Top Winner

​Raffle is the simplest and most fair way of giving prizes away. At the end of gaming, the dealers will count the chips of each guest and exchange them for raffle tickets in a predetermined amount.  Generally we exchange 1 ticket for every 100 in chips and we always round up.  

There are two types of raffles, a general raffle and a Texas Sytle Raffle.  For a General raffle the dealers will keep half of every raffle ticket and put them into the raffle drum we provide.  ForTexas Style raffle, you place a small container in front of each of your prizes.  The dealers will give players both halves of the ticket and your guests deposit half of the ticket into the container corresponding to the prize they would like to win. 

High Tally/Top Winner(s) ​are determined by dealers counting up all players chips to see who has the most.  If there are three prizes we will provide you with the names and chip counts of your top three players.   We do not always recommend this method for a first time casino event.  Players often combine chips and that can upset other players due to competitive natures.  If you expect competitive play this may not be the right method for you.  



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