If karaoke is what you are looking for, we have a huge catalog of songs for your guests to choose from.  Our karaoke books are organized by artist and by title so your guests can find exactly what they want to sing.  After a song is written on the supplied Song Request Form, the participant simply delivers it to the MC who will introduce the singer and invite him/her to the performing area for their karaoke experience. The words to the song will be displayed on a video monitor in front of the singer and will change color as each is to be sung.

Why Karaoke?

For those trapped behind inhibitions, it is freedom.  For youth, it builds boldness.  For a team, it builds unity.  For seniors, it is transportation back in time.  There are hundreds of reasons for choosing Karaoke.  Mostly, it means good times and fun for all.  Singing makes you feel good.  It isn’t about how well you sing but how much fun you have singing with your friends, family, and co-workers. Once the singing starts, you won’t be able to pull your guests away from the microphone.

Wine Country Entertainment

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