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Accordionist Reno di Bono and his entourage has delighted private parties, mostly in Napa Valley Wineries and restaurants, singing and playing songs from the traditional Neopolitan Italian to contemporary music from Frank Sinatra.

Depending on your party theme, you may ask ask for the Godfather Trio (dressed in mafioso costume) or the Gondoliers (dressed in Venetian boat style costume).  Either way your clients will have a blast listening to the Trio play as they stroll around the event serenading to your guests.

  • Reno Solo 1a1:31
  • Reno Solo 13:39
  • Reno Solo 2a2:21
  • Reno Solo 22:58
  • Reno Solo 33:41
  • Reno Solo 42:40

Reno diBono Solo Accordion Samples

Godfathers or Gondoliers Duo or Trio Samples

  • Godfather Volare1:11
  • Godfather Tarantella1:14
  • Godfather Marina1:12
  • Godfather Speak Softly1:12
  • Godfather Funiculi Funicula1:11
  • Godfather Miscellaneous1:12